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Training, Organizational Development & Human Resources
  • Bachelors Degree in Communication, minor in Psychology;  Masters Degree in Educational Pschology & Counseling/Student Personnel; Juris Doctor Degree in Law - not licensed to practice law in Ohio at this time 
  • 2.8 years experience as project coordinator at a nonprofit playhouse, working with volunteers
  • 3.5 years experience as a project director of a nonprofit program aimed at assisting seniors at learning employable skills
  • 6 years experience as a college-level instructor
  • 7 years experience as Field Education Director for a major hospitality company
  • Offered workshops on the following organizational development topics: 
    • There’s Never Enough Time to Do it Right: Coping with Frustrations and Tension
    • Time Management and Delegation
    • Understanding and Managing Stress
    • An Overview of Group Decision Methodologies
    • Understanding Perceptual Differences in the Workplace
    • Preparing for, Implementing & Coping with Change in an Organization
    • Increasing Positive Behavioral Alternatives in Employees
    • Understanding Burn-Out and Motivation
    • Intergroup Conflict Management
    • Overview of Leadership Skills
    • Team Building and Collaboration 
  • Authored new orientation program with easier flow of information
  • Created training CD in PowerPoint to teach associates new skills
  • Saved the company wasted hours of trying to find resources by creating a linked index to Outlook Public Folder information
  • Developed training modules that assessed organizational needs and created action plans
  • Served on a nation-wide team to develop a training program that reduced attrition
  • Investigated employee complaints of harassment and unfair treatment
  • Provided workshop on employment law and attended employment law seminars
  • Coordinated and conducted regional conferences for management development
  • Designed and created this website

Training, Organizational Development & Human Resources
Management & Event Planning
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Nonprofit & Higher Education Management
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